Some tips on Staying Organized and a tool I use on my cell phone for WordPress Blog Posts.

Hello, this is Randy from Today I’m going to go over some tips on how to stay organized and an App I use to write Blog posts. This is great to use if you are out and about and you don’t have access to your computer and you might have a really good idea for a blog post or even an idea to write down. I know there are different applications that you can use on your phone to record ideas videos, etc..But I thought I would just go over this because this relates to blogging and WordPress has its own app so why not use it.

First I want to go over what I do on my phone that might help keep you organized. I myself put different applications in folders and I have those folders organized and named accordingly. I use these folders daily.

See the first one here on the left and have everything on personal development. MindMeister, my photos, TED talk, Tony Robbins Podcast, and SPI. I can get daily inspiration from my photos. Ted has some good talks on life in general, Tony Robbins, some podcasts information on different techniques for Business Development and smart passive income

My next one is my social media folder which has my all my social media apps. Of course all the Google apps. My Finance folder, my health folder as I’m really into health and Nutrition. My education folder has Udemy, ClickBank and any books I read using eReader, Amazon Kindle and Instructables also have some good information on how to build stuff. And of course my calendar for syncing my calendars

My business folder has LinkedIn, LinkedIn pulse, emails from my owned websites, Evernote to take notes and a recording app if I want to just record and make a quick note. Eventbrite for events and this program I’m using right now is ADV screen capture for Android to make this video.

In my Tech folder, I use an app called Wake-on-LAN where I can wake my computer up from anywhere if I’m not at home and then I can use my remote desktop client or remote desktop through Google to control my computer at home. I use this so I can log into my computer and work from anywhere literally. I use GoDaddy for domain name registration and I use it if I think of a good domain name on the fly.

But the main reason why I’m doing this post is to tell you about WordPress. WordPress has an app for Android and iPhone that you can download and then you can set it up to access your website control panel mobily. I use it if I come up with an idea while I’m traveling. For example, I can go into my WordPress create a post and then just use Google Voice to be able to record and enter my information.

I’ll give you a demonstration here on the WordPress app. Inside the WordPress app as you can see this is my  blog. In here you can select your stats, blog posts blog pages, comments, settings, view site and view your administration as well.

So let’s create a new posts page and save it as a draft. Since we’re are on the road, we are just posting an idea of a Blog post, that we will make a correction later on our computer. Click on Blog post and then go down and click on this pencil to create new. I use Swiftkey keyboard on my phone for my keyboard. This keyboard is a smart keyboard and auto-fills words and sentences for you. Sometimes I also use voice typing by google. I click on the microphone and just start talking.

So now I’m going to save the blog post as a draft. Click on the gear icon at the top, the status is set to be published, but you want to click the pull-down menu and select draft then click on submit. Now you can see the new blog post is there and you can view it later on your computer, so we can review it later. You can put it into a spinner or use Grammarly and then post and you’re good to go.

So this is something I use on my phone if I have an idea and I can’t get to a computer.  I can write them down in a post, then save the post as a draft. Even if I don’t post it right away or review it, it’s still there for later so I can review it and then I can add information to the post and update it later on.

I hope this video and post helps you when you are traveling and you don’t lose any of your good ideas. And remember,

Dare to Dream!

Randy Allensen




  • Mandy Allen

    Reply Reply May 13, 2017

    Hey, Randy, that sounds like a great little tip! I am often away from home and want to write something, even if it’s a great idea I want to get into draft for use later. Great share, thanks!

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Randy

      May 14, 2017

      Thanks for commenting. You are welcome! I’m going to be posting other great tips in the near future. 🙂

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