Why Do We Clean Our Yards?

Do you ever stop to think of the reason why people clean their yards? I mean clean of leaves, twigs, garbage, etc. I was out raking some of the leaves along our yard fence today and as I looked down on the new damp grass I thought to myself, why do we clean/clear the leaves? One would think that the main reason it to make it look pretty and nice for us and others to look at. Well, that would be easy to think for sure. Another thought came to my mind. When we rake the leaves off and clear the garbage etc, we are allowing the grass to grow underneath without resistance. It’s enjoying the newness of the day without hesitation. Then I thought the same can be applied to us and our dreams. Why is it we can’t grow and stretch without resistance? But, many of us fall short of what we want out of life myself included. Over the course of my career I have had opportunities for a better life, but I allowed others and situations to sway me. Why is it when you tell others of a dream or a plan or an opportunity, they say negative things? Why can’t other people be like the leaves that are being raked, just get out of the person’s way, support them and be supportive in achieving their goals or dreams? If you don’t take the lead in your head, someone else while try and do the leading for you. Which do you prefer?

I think if you believe in something, you should try very hard to move towards it and find the people that will assist and bolster. But, it is in our minds that we have to believe, strengthen and protect our dreams so we become like the natural grass growing without resistance. Just as I’m writing this on my website, some of you might have run into something similar, but now you have a chance to design your own life using the power of the internet and internet marketing. I say, go for it and never look back. Even if you are met with resistance of the garbage, re-iterate in your mind why you are doing what it is you’re doing so you can be FREE! Find those people to assist you in your next journey.

I for one will be designing my business and opportunity online and should you need my assistance, feel free to message me about anything and I will try to help. So, grow naturally like the grass and as Shaggy and I always say,

Dare to Dream!


  • Joe

    Reply Reply April 10, 2017

    Good article.
    Remember that when you go another path then the majority people tend to be negative and even laugh at you.
    But the moment you fell, got up did it again and eventually succeeded. They change their attitude.
    When the negative people ask to come work for you, you know that you have succeeded.
    So shoulders straight, look forward, and go your own path.

    • Randy

      April 10, 2017

      Oh so true Joe. Thanks for the comment! Have a great day!

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